Experience Magical Manuka

Welcome To Great Barrier Island, New ZealandP1170483 (2)A place of absolute beauty

A place that Aotea Oils is proud to call home, located 60 miles offshore from the coast of Auckland, New Zealand, in the South Pacific Ocean. The perfect place to harness the healing power of pure nature.

Our Products

 We take great care in selecting the best growth from sun drenched north facing trees for use in distilling our Manuka oil. The shoots we have pruned are left for a specific period of time to allow the natural oils to surface. Once the optimum time has passed the brush is packed tightly into our custom designed stainless steel still for distillation. We use only pure Great Barrier Island rain water for the steam process. We monitor every detail along the way to ensure the consistent high quality of our Manuka oil and Manuka Hydrosol.

productOur Manuka oil is 100% pure and available in 10ml glass bottles (note photo shows an eye dropper style lid these are no longer available new stock will be dripper style). Manuka oil is widely researched as having wide-ranging medicinal properties and related uses.Research has proven Manuka to be Antiseptic, Anti-fungal, Anti-histamine, Anti inflammatory and Microbial. Manuka oil is ideal for treating skin conditions such as acne, eczema, athletes foot and infected cuts and grazes. Pure Manuka oil is a proven treatment for warts, verruca and fungal nails. A very small percentage of people are allergic to Manuka. If you have not used Manuka products before you should first test by placing a drip on a cotton bud and apply to an unaffected area such as the back of your hand, if there is no adverse affect within 15 minutes it is safe for you to use.

Our concentrated Manuka Hydrosol is a truly Magical product, it is essentially the steam from the distillation process condensed back to a liquid and as such contains traces of oil as well as the herbal qualities of the plant. During distillation we carefully control the amount of steam generated and the time taken to pass the steam through the process to maximise the strength and effectiveness of our Hydrosol. Available in atomizer spray bottles, Manuka Hydrosol lends itself to a wide variety of general house hold purposes and medicinal uses. When sprayed directly onto the skin it has proven itself to aid in healing grazes, rashes, eczema, dry skin and dandruff as well as reducing both joint and muscle related aches and inflammation. It is also proven to assist in skin cell regeneration, reducing scaring from wounds. Manuka Hydrosol is an excellent antiseptic cleaner and disinfectant for most household surfaces and may also be used as a room and fabric deodorizer. (always test on a small hidden area first)

Our incredible Mozzie stopper insect repellant is a blend of Manuka, Kanuka and Kawa Kawa hydrosols, it is not only extremely effective at stopping mosquitos and other insects from biting, it is also an Anti-histamine and Anti-inflammatory meaning it will ease itching and swelling from existing bites and stings. Customers have told us it is wonderful at preventing infestations of head lice, simply spray on the hair each morning to keep the lice away.

Our Magical Manuka Balm is totally natural and organic. We produce our balm by hand in small batches using our own Aotea Oils Manuka oil and locally sourced Great Barrier island bees-wax, from hives that produce high UMF honey, which are blended with organic olive and coconut oils. Many people have told us it is the best they have ever used. It may be used as a moisturizer lip balm, and as a treatment for any dry or chafed skin. I find it extremely good at fixing dry cracked heels.