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Producers of high quality Magical Manuka Oil, Manuka Hydrosol and natural Manuka skin care products. Located on the Pristine Great Barrier island (Aotea) , 70km off shore from Auckland, New Zealand.P1170483 (2)

About Manuka

Manuka is a Perennial species of tree which is Native to New Zealand. NZ Maori have used all parts of the Manuka tree for Rongoa (medicine). Manuka products are widely researched and documented as having many powerful medicinal benefits.

Medicinal properties

Manuka Oil and Hydrosol have Antiseptic, Antibiotic, Anti-fungal, Anti-histamine and Microbial properties, both the oil and hydrosol are proven to aid in skin regeneration and cell growth.

Uses of Manuka

Manuka oil or Hydrosol may be used to treat most skin ailments such as, acne, eczema or dandruff and fungal troubles such as athletes foot. They will both ease itching and inflammation caused by insect bites and stings. Manuka oil or hydrosol will assist with healing of minor burns, rashes, grazes or cuts and will also ease joint or muscle pain and inflammation. Manuka oil is an effective treatment for warts and verruca. Manuka hydrosol has many household purposes, it cleans, deodorizes, disinfects and cleans. Manuka Hydrosol has proven to be an excellent natural treatment for dermatitis and mange on dogs as well as helpful in controlling fleas.


Studies have shown Manuka Oil, when used in aromatherapy, to be beneficial in easing symptoms of stress and anxiety as well as other psychological strains that affect the physiological functions of a person.


At Aotea Oils we are proud to be environmentally friendly in every thing that we do. We carefully select and trim only the freshest growth from the healthiest trees, which is then packed into our custom designed stainless steel distillation unit, after distillation, with pure Barrier rain water,  the trimmings are composted and returned to the soil. Manuka trees thrive after been pruned with increased growth and flowering. The honey bees just love more flowers. What is good for nature is good for us all.

It is our attention to the details every step of the way that ensures the highest quality that sets our products apart.